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"...the proposal put forward by the Century Group is unlike anything before, one that puts 114 hectares (286 acres) of farmland in public hands as well as improves the agricultural viability of the soil."


"After the Metro hearing wrapped up in a day, and directors heard from more supporters than opponents, it's highly likely they will amend the Regional Growth Strategy to permit the Century Group proposal to proceed."


"The hearing will be held on Thursday, May 1 at the regional district's offices in Burnaby, 4330 Kingsway, starting at 11 a.m."

 "He (Sean Hodgins) also told the committee that approving the proposed amendment would 'put Metro Vancouver on the map for what it can do for agriculture.' "

"The proposal put forth for the Southlands by the understated Century Group president was so innovative and ultimately its approval by Delta council so historic that it would make almost anyone behind it an instant news figure."

Southlands Project Approved - Delta Optimist (13/11/13)

"Century Group application wins over municipal politicians and will now be forwarded to Metro Vancouver."


I think the project will stand the test of time," Hodgins said after the vote. "I'm just happy they voted as they did. I feel very positive we can go through with it."



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