The Southlands Plan will...

  • Transfer 80% of the Southlands to public ownership
  • Activate and increase the overall agricultural capacity of Southlands
  • Provide needed housing options for Tsawwassen
  • Connect Tsawwassen with bike paths and walking trails
  • Maintain pastoral viewscapes and character

An innovative plan for sustainable growth, Southlands is bridging the gap between agriculture and urbanism. The Southlands Plan integrates a well-designed, walkable neighbourhood with an agricultural resource area and one of the largest Community Farms in North America.

The Plan will transfer 80% of Southlands' private land (425 acres) to public ownership creating an enhanced Community Farm, three new public parks and protection for natural habitat areas. The public lands will be owned by the Municipality of Delta and managed for the benefit of the entire community. The majority of the lands will be used for agriculture and will be improved with a $9 million Agricultural Fund contributed by Century Group.

The Municipality of Delta plans to apply to BC's Agricultural Land Commission to return the improved and newly activated farmland to the Agricultural Land Reserve. This action by Delta will secure improved farmland for the farmers of Delta and will also strengthen farming and food security within the entire Metro Vancouver Region.  

The remaining 20% of the land (107 acres) will be developed into a vibrant, pedestrian oriented, mixed-use neighbourhood, featuring a Market Square and public plaza, commercial space, several neighbourhood parks and allotment gardens. Diverse housing styles will range from small cottages to live-work studios, offering housing options that are currently lacking in Tsawwassen.