In 2006, I first put forward a vision to create a new type of neighbourhood; a neighbourhood that includes parks, trails, open space and most importantly embraces and integrates Delta’s agricultural heritage.  At my open invitation, a group of 24 local residents, representing a broad cross section of our community, came together and committed their time and talent to form the Southlands Community Planning Team (SCPT).  It was this team which set the principles that guided the planning for Southlands.

Over 15 months and after over 2,000 volunteer hours of impassioned, fun, inspiring and sometimes contentious meetings, community open houses and field trips it became clear that Southlands was not only an opportunity to create an agriculturally integrated neighbourhood but was a real opportunity to establish a sustainably managed Community Farm of regional significance - for the health and education of our community and the entire Metro Vancouver region.

It was ultimately this grander vision of a neighbourhood that included a Community Farm that captured the imagination of those who took the time to participate and shape the Southlands plan.  It is this final plan for Southlands that Delta Mayor and Council approved with a strong vote of confidence after much thoughtful consideration, five days of public hearings and reviewing hundreds of pieces of correspondence, staff recommendations and professional reports. 

I would like to thank the community and Mayor and Council for their leadership in recognizing this unique landmark opportunity for all of Delta – a project we and the generations to come will be proud of.  The community is now looking forward to Metro Vancouver Board's favourable consideration of Delta's application that will allow this opportunity to be realized.


Sean Hodgins
President, Century Group

Delta's Mayor Lois Jackson describes Southlands as "one of the most astounding (proposals) I have had the opportunity to see" — Southlands will be a pedestrian oriented neighbourhood based on the concepts of sustainable design, where nature is preserved and local food and agriculture play a key part in the community.

80% of the Southlands Property will be dedicated to the Municipality of Delta for public use, which will include the creation of a Community Farm, the preservation of key natural habitat areas and the creation of a Market Square.



At almost 300 acres in size, Southlands creates what will be one of the largest Community Farms in North America.




Southlands has been designed to be a walkable, sustainable, mixed-use neighbourhood that centers around the Market Square and integrates with the Community Farm. A diverse range of housing options will be available to address the needs of different generations, from small cottages to live-work studios.

Southlands Market Square is where the community will come together to experience the Farmers Market, local eateries, artisan shops and services.


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